Padang Tourist Attractions

Padang Tourist Attractions

Padang Tourist Attractions or interesting tourist attractions in West Sumatra are as follows:

1. Mandeh Island Tourist Area: The Mandeh area is about 2 hours drive from Padang city center to the South coast. This area is famous for its pristine marine tourism, here you can see the islands in the Indian Ocean from the peak of Mandeh. This place consists of several islands such as Sironjong Gadang Island, Sironjong Ketek Island & Satan Island. This place is good for cliff jumping and snorkeling

2. Anai Valley Waterfall: is a waterfall located on the side of the road in the Anai Valley nature reserve area, with a waterfall height of around 30 meters with an extraordinarily beautiful natural view

3. Puncak Lawang: which is located in Agam Regency with a height of 450 meters above sea level making this place the best area to see the view of Lake Maninjau from a height

4. Sianok Canyon: The valley that divides the city of Bukittinggi and Agam district is more than 20 KM long with a depth of 100 - 150 meters, making you feel at home here for a long time

5. Harau Valley: The Harau Valley area, which thousands of years ago was believed to be an ocean, holds many natural secrets. The valley with a height of more than 100 meters which is decorated with many waterfalls is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit.

6. Pagaruyung King's Palace: located in Batusangkar which is one of the prides of the Minangkabau people. According to the story, the Pagaruyung King's Palace burned down several times

7. Lake Singkarak: is the largest lake in West Sumatra. Recently, many local tourists have visited this area because many interesting tourist attractions have been created

8. Twin Lakes: also known as Danau Diatas (Upper Lake) and Danau Dibawah (Lower Lake) is one of the tourist attractions that is booming from 2023 until now. Not only is it liked because of its natural beauty, but there are also many good accommodations or resorts

There are many more tourist attractions that the admin has not mentioned in detail, please plan your holiday to West Sumatra with your favorite travel agent

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Padang Tourist Attractions

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